All images copyright 2015 Sara Schneckloth

The Melangui can be sticky and tricky, but perhaps some things may help.

Just know, for sure, that you are loved and you are smart. 

You are good and you are important. 

You are alive and feeling, thinking and acting. 

And that's what being in this world is all about.

all images copyright 2015 sara schneckloth

The Melangui is a gentle, abstract, exploration of the darker feelings we all experience, intended for older children (12+) and adults alike.  It raises possibilities for how positive thoughts and actions may transform periods of melancholy and ennui into lighter and more spacious times.  The Melangui carries our darkness, yet can also be remade into a creature that is balanced between light and shadow, between color and its lack. 

Sixty-four full-color, photo-quality, pages take a reader through the cycle of moving from darker to lighter mental states, as experienced through the abstract figure of the Melangui.  All images are hand-drawn in ink, colored pencil and graphite.

The book begins with images that speak to elements of darker moods and how they affect us:

It transitions into ways to think about countering these states with positive actions.  The hope is to not be didactic, but to raise ideas of how different kinds of engagement - bodily movement, creative action, reaching out to friends - can lead to lighter and more hopeful thoughts.